About us, the GermanMAESTRO Story

German loudspeaker experts with hundreds of years of combined experience at MB Quart are now running their own new brand:

> Who is GermanMAESTRO?

GermanMAESTRO is a premium audio brand founded by members of the management and leading employees of the recent German MB Quart enterprise. We as the GermanMAESTRO Team are continuing the proud tradition of best-in-class loudspeaker design and manufacturing in our renowned Obrigheim, Germany facility making new car- and home audio speaker systems as well as professional headset/headphone products.

> What does GermanMAESTRO mean for audio enthusiasts?

With the new GermanMAESTRO loudspeaker systems, passionate enthusiasts can be assured of hearing superb sound reproduction. As specialist manufacturers with hundreds of years of acoustic experience, we are determined to establish a new legacy of greatness under the name GermanMAESTRO. Our extraordinary new products will deliver superior levels of detail, long term product durability, and high SPL capabilities for our loyal customers around the world. Nothing about the new GermanMAESTRO loudspeaker systems will be anything less than extraordinary.
It is GermanMAESTRO's mission that each and every acoustical system we build in our Obrigheim, Badenia factory delivers the ultimate satisfaction to our customers.

> What does GermanMAESTRO mean for your German-built MB Quart
product's repair services?

The GermanMAESTRO Team is very proud of their legendary MB Quart "Made in Germany" history, and we are committed to providing the finest repair services for all previous generation MB Quart products made in the German Obrigheim, Badenia factory.

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